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Summer Kaftan Dresses

Summer kaftan dresses for 2015

I have had my eye out for a kaftan (or caftan, if you prefer) for years. The long, flowy dresses seem so appealing for hot summer days. Celebrities are often photographed in silk kaftans looking incredibly chic and glamorous. It seems to me to be the perfect summer option for looking like you just flew in from Turks and Caicos or Morocco, except without the pricey flight.

This summer I’m committed to finding a kaftan dress that works for me. I was looking for something I could wear to dinner on the patio, more than something that was just a bathing suit cover-up. I was shocked to find most options pushing $200, with some silk gowns surpassing $1,000! Here are the most promising kaftans I found for summer 2015:

Summer kaftan dresses for 2015

Summer Rompers for Women | Hanging by the Pool

Women's summer rompers for lounging by the pool

I have had a little obsession with rompers over the last few years. Even after endless Internet browsing, I never found it appropriate to spend my small clothing budget on a limited-use item. But this year is different. Now that I work at home, so I can pretty much wear whatever I want. Plus, we’re headed to a pool/beach-centered vacation in Mexico later this year. It’s the perfect time for a romper!

I was looking for something that had a bit of coverage, but would be great for poolside lounging or as a cover-up.

Here are my picks for 2014 summer rompers:

Women's summer rompers for lounging by the pool

  1. Olivia Moon – Wrap Top Romper | $58 | Nordstrom
  2. Lilly Pulitzer – Deanna Romper | $158 | Zappos
  3. Only Jersey Playsuit | $17! | asos
  4. Juicy Couture – Micro Terry Stripe Romper | $55 | 6PM
  5. SUNDRY – Summer Romper | $85 | ShopBop
  6. Bar III – Short-Sleeve Striped Romper | $40 | Macy’s

Can you guess which one I ended up buying?

Hand Painted Watermelon Bunting

Painted Paper Watermelon Bunting

Painted Paper Watermelon Bunting

I feel like I’ve missed out on the beginning part of summer. I just “woke up” and it’s mid-July! There’s so much more I want to do and celebrate while it’s still warm in New York. In the spirit of summer, I made this bright watermelon bunting.

Triangle pieces for bunting

To start, I cut triangle shapes out of thick red paper. Per usual, I designed the triangles on Photoshop and then printed cut guides to make everything easier. I try to cut off all the ink, and am mindful of which side I put on the front.

Cayuga Lake Wine Touring


As this long Labor Day weekend was approaching, George and I still didn’t have any major plans. We started looking for hotel deals for an overnight in Vermont, but everything was either too expensive or already booked. Undeterred, we planned a day trip out to the Finger Lakes for our favorite activity: wine touring.


This time we visited Cayuga Lake, since neither of us had spent any significant time there. On this trip we stopped at 7 different wineries.

Knapp Winery was our first stop. They had a huge variety of all different types of wines and other cordials. There were a couple different things we liked, including a fruit wine called “George’s Peach” and Limencello, although we didn’t end up purchasing anything.

Next up was Goose Watch Winery, which had a lovely view from their lake-facing deck. The wine was good, and they had a delicious sparkling Pinot Noir.

Deer Watching



One of my favorite things to do is to go to my local state park, Peebles Island. I like to visit in the early evening, just before sunset. That is the best time to see deer and other wildlife.



George and I like to play a game of counting deer. In our best evening we saw 12 different deer!