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Becoming a One Car Household

Too bad this rad ride isn't our one car.

For the first time since I got my driver’s license, I don’t have a car. Just this past weekend, we sold my Honda Accord and George and I have officially become a one-car household. I know plenty of people do it all the time, but I’ve been a little apprehensive. After all, I grew up in the suburbs where a car is practically a necessity.

Too bad this rad ride isn't our one car.

Too bad this rad ride isn’t our one car.

But Why?
George and I have talked about downsizing our car situation for quite some time in order to gain extra cash. We both work from home, so our daily travel needs are very low.

Still Chugging Along & Preparing to Move

Messy Apartment when preparing for a move

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Our house drama was coming to a major head, along with a bunch of other personal stuff.

Normally I’m a risk-averse person who likes to have everything planned in advance, so this year has been pretty trying for me in that regard. Originally we were supposed to close on the new house on January 15th, but it’s now February 25th and we don’t even have a closing date scheduled! My fingers and toes are crossed that our current plan will work (let’s call it plan C), but we have a back up to that in case our bank continues to give us a hard time.

Right now, we’re preparing to move, so our apartment is driving me insane. Here’s some photo evidence of the horror:

Messy Apartment when preparing for a move

Dealing With Setbacks: Homeownership

How do you cope when a situation in your life just keeps going wrong, seemingly no matter what you do?

Admittedly, I am not the best at dealing with setbacks. I’ve always been a very emotional person, and I have occasional bouts of unhealthy (and unaddressed) anxiety and depression.

Buying a house has proven to be a giant roller coaster of emotion. This week I was so sure we were through the worst of it, but we’ve hit a new, and really massive, roadblock. It’s been so incredibly frustrating to climb over obstacles, and then have our good vibes killed by another obstruction. We can see the finish line of closing ahead, but we’re trapped again by more bullshit.

And it’s exhausting. It’s really tough to imagine your life in this new house– start planning out your furniture, paint colors, and layout (not to mention dreaming of Christmas decorations, dinner parties, and raising a family there)– only to see that dream dangling precariously by a thread.

My Paper Planner

Sugar paper planner from Target -- pink

I can’t be the only one who still uses a physical, printed planner… right?

Sugar paper planner from Target -- pink

Last year I found an awesome pink planner as part of the sugar paper for Target collection. I have absolutely loved it because it has a spot for each day, but also a lined notes page for each week. I went to Target recently to purchase the 2015 version, but they changed the layout. It was terrible. I kept flipping through different sizes and colors of planners, hoping my beloved layout would appear. But it did not.

My disappointment drove me on a planner search that dragged across multiple evenings. I was looking to find another weekly planner with a notes page. I love that type of design because I can put my specific daily items under their day, and make lists of ongoing projects on the facing page. Especially since I have a few clients, all with different tasks, I find it easiest to list to-dos by group, not by day. For anyone looking for the same thing, I highly suggest going to this page on European Paper.

Good Luck Charms

Evil eye bracelet as a good luck charm

Do you believe in the powers of good luck charms? I feel a little silly admitting it, but I buy into the idea. At least I think they can’t hurt!

Generally I feel like I have very good luck. I joke that I must have been a saint in my past life, because my current life is pretty great. I’ve been able to overcome obstacles so far, and good things continue to come my way. I still don’t mind keeping a few charms around to keep me even more fortunate.

Evil eye bracelet as a good luck charm

Recently I’ve been wearing an evil eye bracelet. I kept it on my wrist for my entire trip to Mexico to keep bad experiences away from me. I’ll say that it worked well enough because nothing too uncomfortable happened. I added a blue friendship bracelet to the stack to feel a little more bohemian. Since we’ve returned back to New York, I’ve kept the evil eye bracelet on because I’m waiting for very big news. I’m hoping the little bit of extra positive mojo will help. Keep your fingers crossed for me!