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Mini Birthday Surprise Box

Mini Birthday Surprise Box - an inexpensive DIY gift

Mini Birthday Surprise Box - an inexpensive DIY gift

Since I now live hours away from where I grew up and from where I went to college, I have friends all over the US. It can be really hard to keep close with everyone, especially since I hate talking on the phone. The easiest way for me to show that I’m thinking of someone is to send mail. I absolutely love sending small care packages to my best buds, and birthdays are an extra special occasion to celebrate. Today I’m sharing a mini package that’s perfect to mail to friends and family that you can’t celebrate with because of distance. The best part is that I only spent money on one item (the candy) to fill the box!

Materials for Happy Birthday surprise box

Color Vibe Race


This past weekend I ran in a Color Vibe race, where they throw powdered color on you throughout the course.

Before the Color Vibe VT race

My good friend Liz convinced me to participate less than two weeks before the race! I keep joking with George about my own couch to 5K program since I hadn’t been running much recently. Throughout my adult life, I’ve run for fun on and off, but I have been in a bit of an “off” period this year. George and I had *just* resolved to start running again, and had gone out on a single jog, when Liz persuaded me to sign up for the Color Vibe. So basically I had less than two weeks to train. I ended up getting out for one jog over 3 miles prior to this weekend’s race, and only had to stop once during the Color Vibe.

The set up of these color runs is really interesting. The atmosphere is a lot more jovial and light hearted than some other races, so it’s a great opportunity for non-runners to do their first race. There was no chip time or mile markers, so it was all about completion and having fun along the way.

Birthday Surprise Package

Birthday Package Surprise // The Thrifty Ginger

Birthday Package Surprise // The Thrifty Ginger

When I can muster up the time and energy, I love to make simple, but fun birthday gifts for my friends and family. This week I made a fun birthday surprise package for one of my best friends. The basic idea was that the package would open to reveal a colorful birthday greeting, similar to garland.

Materials for birthday package DIY craft


For the packaging, I used one of those cardboard poster tube mailers. For the decoration, I used thick colored paper, sequins, yarn, and bugle beads. To string everything, I used a needle and purple thread.

Wedding Details



This past weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of a beautiful wedding. My dear college friend Ashley got married and the wedding had so many great details.


Even though the couple did the work, I thought I would share a couple of the highlights.


Bridal Shower Sign



I recently attended a bridal shower for my dear friend Ashley who is getting married in June. Since I’m an out of town bridesmaid and couldn’t help as much in planning, I wanted to make a fun decoration for the party. I decided on a “56 days ‘til she’s hitched” sign.



I needed a basis for the decoration, so I went to Michaels and landed on a 16 x 20 inch canvas. I got a 2-pack for $10 and used a coupon, so the price wasn’t so bad. I already had acrylic paints and painters tape.