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Falling Petal Photography Fail

Lauren under shady tree

Do you ever get an idea for a perfect photo, only to find you can’t make it work?

This happened to me last week. We kept seeing these beautiful flowering pink tress (I’m not sure what they’re called) that had thousands of little pink petals. It must have been later on in the blooming cycle because the petals were blowing off the trees so elegantly, making a pretty shower of pink and piles of charming petals on the ground.

I thought it would be just perfect to capture a portrait with petals softly falling in the background. After all, the wind kept blowing the petals off the tree in such a soft and beautiful manner.

It didn’t work at all.

First, I set up the camera for George, using him as a model to meter and determine settings. When I handed it back to him, we waited for a big gust to blow some petals in the background. When no gusts came, we took decided to take matters into our own hands.

Lauren under shady tree

Pink Dipped Painted Silverware

Pink paint dipped forks

Pink paint dipped forks

When I moved into my last apartment, the previous tenant had left a half set of small appetizer silverware. Since I had space, I held onto the forks and spoons and figured that someday I would use them for a project. That day has come!

Free forks for paint transformation

Inspired by a project I saw months ago (sorry, I can’t find the original source!), I wanted to do a half-dipped color on the handle of my silverware. My inspiration used spray paint as a coating, but I wanted to try out craft paint to see how it fared.

Struggling to create a basic fabric Passport cover

Basic Fabric passport cover -- a DIY

Basic Fabric passport cover -- a DIY

Does anyone else have crafting materials that they absolutely love and can’t seem to use? Sometimes I buy things because they’re just perfect, and then I never can convince myself to just use the stuff for a craft project.

Anna Maria Horner fabric

One of those items for me is a set of Anna Maria Horner fabrics. Originally I intended to make a quilt top, but that’s so unlikely at this point. Now I’m trying to persuade myself to use the small swatches of fabric for other projects so I can actually enjoy it.

Accidents and Changes


Since The Thrifty Ginger is part personal blog, I feel like I should share my monumental life events. Let me start off by recognizing how August has been quite a month for George and I.

It started when our moving plans were completely re-arranged by a crappy apartment. And on Thursday, our plans shifted even more when George was in a car accident. Spoilers: he is mostly fine.

I get a call on Thursday night when George is on his way home. “I’ve been in a car accident.” He was completely calm, and assured me that both he and the other driver were fine. However, he then proceeded to tell me that I would probably need to pick him up since his car was not drivable. The reality ended up being very different than what I initially expected.


An epic change of moving plans


I originally thought that today I would be sharing photos with you from the new apartment and talking about all of my future projects. However, my plans took a sharp turn on Tuesday night, and George and I didn’t end up moving into the apartment we had planned on. Let me explain.

The keys to the new place were left for us on Tuesday mid-day. When I got out of work, George and I went to look at the apartment. I was so excited, and happy to finally be moving into the place I have been planning for. I started to take pictures to share here, and started with the cool tiled fireplace in the living room.


However, as I moved through the apartment it was in much worse condition than we expected.