[Eye] Glasses Valentine

DIY eye glasses Valentine -- You are spectacular

DIY eye glasses Valentine -- You are spectacular

I love Valentine’s Day for the totally dorky, but amazing puns that you’re able to make. Silly word plays are perfect for sweet Valentine’s messages, which is why I was psyched to make a glasses-themed Valentine this year.

Wooden glasses pieces from Michaels Crafts

I have these really neat wooden pieces in the shape of nerd glasses that I bought almost a year ago and still haven’t used (whoops). I decided to use the 3D glasses shape in a card.

My Creative Month: January 2015

My creative month: January 2015

Every month there are many small projects and events in my life that don’t make it on to the blog. My Creative Month shares some interesting tutorials I’ve tried, as well as a little peek into my life.

My creative month: January 2015

Oh January, what can I say about you? You started out as such a wonderful time. After all, I began my year on an amazing cruise with my family. But then, house drama, winter weather, and some other personal challenges were such a damn bummer.

I Love You Every Day Book

I love you every day -- A DIY book

Today’s project was actually something that I made a couple years ago, but I think I was afraid to share it because it is super-lovey, bordering on the creepy territory. Regardless, it’s a great handmade gift for Valentine’s Day, and I’ll stand by my work.

I love you every day -- A DIY book

This DIY book is a simple, but impactful, way to show that your love is there every single day.

Basically, I just wrote out “I love you” for every single day of the year.

Love book -- DIY project for your boyfriend or husband

Dealing With Setbacks: Homeownership

How do you cope when a situation in your life just keeps going wrong, seemingly no matter what you do?

Admittedly, I am not the best at dealing with setbacks. I’ve always been a very emotional person, and I have occasional bouts of unhealthy (and unaddressed) anxiety and depression.

Buying a house has proven to be a giant roller coaster of emotion. This week I was so sure we were through the worst of it, but we’ve hit a new, and really massive, roadblock. It’s been so incredibly frustrating to climb over obstacles, and then have our good vibes killed by another obstruction. We can see the finish line of closing ahead, but we’re trapped again by more bullshit.

And it’s exhausting. It’s really tough to imagine your life in this new house– start planning out your furniture, paint colors, and layout (not to mention dreaming of Christmas decorations, dinner parties, and raising a family there)– only to see that dream dangling precariously by a thread.

Cruising: Life on board

What it's like on a cruise -- description from a 10-day Celebrity Equinox Eastern Caribbean Cruise

What it's like on a cruise -- description from a 10-day Celebrity Equinox Eastern Caribbean Cruise

I recently returned from an Eastern Caribbean cruise with my family. Last week I shared details about all of our port days, but today I wanted to talk a little bit about what it was like on board. We were on the Celebrity Equinox, and had an amazing time. Obviously every cruise line and ship is different, but here’s what I found.

Lots to do; limited time
I found that usually there was a lot going on during sea days. Every night we received a printed schedule of the next day’s activities. Because I’m type A, I had brought a highlighter to mark up the sheet of potential events. One of my favorite events was an evening performance by a magician. I absolutely love magic, so I arrived early with George and got front row seats. He called up volunteers from the audience and both George and I were picked for different parts of the act! It was awesome.

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