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Organizing Personal Care Items

storage bins

I am not naturally an organized person. Even when I try to be tidy, it quickly degrades into chaos. One problem with being disorganized is it is often hard to know exactly what I have on hand and exactly where it is.

I have two sets of plastic drawers where I store all my personal care items. This includes hair products, medication, nail polish, lotion, toothpaste, first aid, makeup, etc.

They were a mess! Recently I had a friend stay with me who relies on sleep aids. I assured him that I had sleeping pills, or at least benadryl. When nighttime came, I couldn’t find either. I rummaged through my entire medicine cabinet and both bins, only to come up empty handed.

Making a Tutu in Less Than an Hour

tutu supplies

For my Halloween costume I wanted to have a white tutu. Instead of purchasing one, I decided to try to make my own.

I went to Jo-ann’s to gather supplies. I wanted long strips of tulle, which I found in the Bridal section. I also got ribbon for the waistband, although elastic is more common.

To make the assembly easy, I tied my ribbon around a chair back. The online image tutorial I followed is easier than anything I can explain, so I suggest you go there (scroll down the page a little to see the best information).

Let’s Have Mimosas


Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and you’d rather have a relaxing Sunday. I am having one of those days, so I decided to fix myself a mimosa, one of my absolute favorite drinks.

I already had the supplies on hand: orange juice (which I purchased with a $1 off coupon that doubled) and some sparkling wine. I accented the drinks with raspberries that I purchased, then froze, when they were on sale. The mix of wine and orange juice is up to you, but I generally do 3 parts wine for 1 part juice.

Yard Saling for Frames


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to an enormous yard sale. There were a lot of different people set up selling all sorts of things. It was quite fun to look through all the various pieces of jewelry, house wares, and funky stuff that people were trying to get rid of.

I am somewhat in the market for a few pieces of furniture, but I ended up with great frames. They’re in a little bit of rough shape, but I figure that I can clean them and paint them for a lot less than it would cost to buy new frames. For $4 I got four frames, including this awesome oval one, and a horse figurine that I intend to make into an ornament.