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Freezing Berries

Berries to be frozen1

One good way to make food last is through freezing. That way you can purchase more of an item because you do not have to consume all of it before it goes bad.

For instance, blueberries and blackberries are on sale this week at my local grocery store. I got 2 containers each of blueberries and blackberries. I’ve already eaten one set, but I decided to freeze the rest.

To freeze the berries, I first washed them with fruit wash. This is to get off any remaining pesticides or nasty stuff. I left them to dry for roughly an hour in a colander so that the excess water dripped off. Then I put the berries in a metal lasagna/brownie pan so that there’s just a single layer of fruit and placed them in the freezer. The next day I packed the frozen berries all up in a Ziplock.

I’ll take it!

FreeFood copy

In regards to food, let “I’ll take it!” become your new motto.

I can’t tell you how much free food I have gotten by just being at the right place at the right time. This weekend my parents gave me two butternut squash from their garden. Last night I packed up a whole tray of leftovers at a work event.

I would say there are a few different sources of free food:

  • leftovers from a party or event
  • the free snacks during those events (free dinner!)
  • bounty from other’s gardens or great cooking
  • things other people just don’t want

Obviously taking advantage of this varies a lot, depending on where you live and who you know. Just be open to leftovers, because they’re free!

Making my Own Banana Pancakes

pankcakes recipe

I have an amazing recipe for banana pancakes. This week when I had a banana that was a little past its prime, so I seized the opportunity and got cooking!

Here’s my recipe for banana pancakes, adapted from All Recipes:

This time I made a couple of changes, because I wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth. I added about a tablespoon of coco powder and a handful of chocolate chips into the mix.

Let’s Have Mimosas


Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and you’d rather have a relaxing Sunday. I am having one of those days, so I decided to fix myself a mimosa, one of my absolute favorite drinks.

I already had the supplies on hand: orange juice (which I purchased with a $1 off coupon that doubled) and some sparkling wine. I accented the drinks with raspberries that I purchased, then froze, when they were on sale. The mix of wine and orange juice is up to you, but I generally do 3 parts wine for 1 part juice.

Variations on Grands! Biscuits

Grands Tube

One downside of couponing is that I sometimes end up with a significant quantity of items I wouldn’t normally purchase. I try to be careful and only buy items I can and will use. So after recently purchasing 4 tubes of Grands! Biscuits, I came up with some creative ways to prepare them. Both are extremely simple, but offer variation from the original.


The first is a Chocolate Biscuit. I simply peel open each piece and fill it with a teaspoon or two of chocolate chips. Bake following the normal directions and you have a nice dessert!