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I used to be afraid of painting walls.

headlights before

It may seem ridiculous to you, but I used to be terrified of painting. When it was discussed, I would get physically anxious. One time I literally cried when asked about my painting project.

Let’s rewind a little bit, though.

I have lived in my current apartment since April of this year. When I moved in, I noticed that the walls were in rough shape. As time went on, the cracks and numerous nail holes began to really bother me. I decided I should paint my walls and consulted with my coworkers on the specifics.

I secured help in painting (thank you Ira and Caroline!) so I prepped the walls by removing all the stray nails, patching the holes, and sanding the walls down. I custom mixed a light gray color and assembled all the necessary supplies.

And let me tell you- painting wasn’t that bad.

Foggy Headlight? Clean it up!

For some reason unknown to me, one of my car headlights was significantly foggy while the other is crystal clear. I have the worst night vision in the world, and a foggy headlight certainly wasn’t helping.

I had looked online for an at-home fix so I didn’t have to completely replace the plastic. A couple sites suggested using toothpaste, and I decided to give it a shot. I just squirted on some toothpaste and rubbed circularly with a rag. When I was finished, I rinsed off my car and viola! Here are my results: