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So Long. Farewell!

I think it’s about time that I wrote my closure letter for The Thrifty Ginger. It’s true that I’ve been as busy as ever, but honestly, I haven’t posted recently because I have decided to stop writing for this blog.

When I started The Thrifty Ginger, it fulfilled a real need for me. I was struggling to live on my own, balancing a tight budget, and battling with some pretty hefty relationship and emotional baggage. Instead of focusing on the negatives, this blog was my space to celebrate everything that I could do and could accomplish, even though I wasn’t really where I wanted to be in life.

It hasn’t even been three years, but I feel worlds away from the mental space of the person I was before. While the changes in my life have a lot to do with deciding to stop this blog, the biggest motivator is a desire for greater privacy.

I have loved sharing my projects, triumphs, and travels with you, my awesome readers. But now, as I sit in my new house, waiting on our family to grow by one more family member(!), I no longer want to share all of the details of my life with anyone that decides to stop by. And while I know I could continue crafting and sharing those projects, that’s not really all of what this blog has been about. It’s been personal, and it’s been as real as I could muster. So instead of limping along, or letting my ego rule, I’ve decided to get a little bit of privacy back for my family and stop writing in this venue.

Visiting Vienna

Karlsplatz Station -- Art Decor Exterior

Last week I shared some details on our trip to Budapest. Well, we also visited Vienna, Austria! Here are some tidbits from that portion of the trip.

Karlsplatz Station -- Art Decor Exterior

Why Austria and Hungary?
People keep asking us why we chose to visit Vienna and Budapest. The honest answer is just that I saw awesome photos of Vienna and was completely drawn in. We love to travel and have a long list of future destinations, but I guess beautiful pictures clinch the deal. Since we were already going to be in Europe for Austria, we added on an extra stop of Budapest. Why not?

So many museums
If you like visiting museums, Vienna is the place for you. You could spend weeks going to see art, natural history, Austrian history, Jewish culture, military history, and so much more.

Summer Kaftan Dresses

Summer kaftan dresses for 2015

I have had my eye out for a kaftan (or caftan, if you prefer) for years. The long, flowy dresses seem so appealing for hot summer days. Celebrities are often photographed in silk kaftans looking incredibly chic and glamorous. It seems to me to be the perfect summer option for looking like you just flew in from Turks and Caicos or Morocco, except without the pricey flight.

This summer I’m committed to finding a kaftan dress that works for me. I was looking for something I could wear to dinner on the patio, more than something that was just a bathing suit cover-up. I was shocked to find most options pushing $200, with some silk gowns surpassing $1,000! Here are the most promising kaftans I found for summer 2015:

Summer kaftan dresses for 2015

Visiting Budapest

Visting Budapest: Photos, recap, and favorite spots

Oh hello there! Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I’ve been off adventuring.

I recently returned from a vacation with George to Budapest and Vienna. We spent about 5 days in each place, and today I’ll share some stories and my favorite spots from Budapest.

Visting Budapest: Photos, recap, and favorite spots

Overall impressions
Budapest is a really neat city. It definitely has the old, European look, with stone front facades and historic buildings everywhere. Almost everyone we met was very kind and polite. Most Hungarian people we encountered in the city spoke at least basic English, which is great, considering how difficult Hungarian is to learn.

Easter Containers That Aren’t Baskets

Easter containers ideas that go beyond the woven basket

Easter containers ideas that go beyond the woven basket

You may have noticed that I love celebrating holidays. But what I don’t love is spending a bunch of money on things that only have a very limited use. So while I’m all about giving Easter treats out, I don’t see the need to buy an Easter basket when I have containers around the house that will work just as well. Here are five suggestions for Easter “baskets” that don’t involve the basket.

A berry crate as a small Easter basket