So Long. Farewell!

I think it’s about time that I wrote my closure letter for The Thrifty Ginger. It’s true that I’ve been as busy as ever, but honestly, I haven’t posted recently because I have decided to stop writing for this blog.

When I started The Thrifty Ginger, it fulfilled a real need for me. I was struggling to live on my own, balancing a tight budget, and battling with some pretty hefty relationship and emotional baggage. Instead of focusing on the negatives, this blog was my space to celebrate everything that I could do and could accomplish, even though I wasn’t really where I wanted to be in life.

It hasn’t even been three years, but I feel worlds away from the mental space of the person I was before. While the changes in my life have a lot to do with deciding to stop this blog, the biggest motivator is a desire for greater privacy.

I have loved sharing my projects, triumphs, and travels with you, my awesome readers. But now, as I sit in my new house, waiting on our family to grow by one more family member(!), I no longer want to share all of the details of my life with anyone that decides to stop by. And while I know I could continue crafting and sharing those projects, that’s not really all of what this blog has been about. It’s been personal, and it’s been as real as I could muster. So instead of limping along, or letting my ego rule, I’ve decided to get a little bit of privacy back for my family and stop writing in this venue.

The Thrifty Ginger has been an amazing outlet for me, and a huge source of pride. Someday I might return to writing for myself online, but this is goodbye for now.

Thank you for reading.


PS- At least in the immediate future, I intend to keep The Thrifty Ginger live and online so that all of my past projects are accessible. There’s no reason to bury all of that work!

5 thoughts on “So Long. Farewell!”

  1. I will miss this very much. It has been my way of feeling I can stay close to you with out having to come to NY. It has also helped me get to know George. Good luck in your future endeavors. I love you, Aunt Nina

  2. This is my first time to your page. I admire your last thoughts. I went through something similar and wanted more privacy. I’ve grown a lot through learning about Hinduism. Your written thought about ego was a small little reminder for me today. I want to thank you for that. Good luck finding your divine light, peace and joy.

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