Summer Kaftan Dresses

I have had my eye out for a kaftan (or caftan, if you prefer) for years. The long, flowy dresses seem so appealing for hot summer days. Celebrities are often photographed in silk kaftans looking incredibly chic and glamorous. It seems to me to be the perfect summer option for looking like you just flew in from Turks and Caicos or Morocco, except without the pricey flight.

This summer I’m committed to finding a kaftan dress that works for me. I was looking for something I could wear to dinner on the patio, more than something that was just a bathing suit cover-up. I was shocked to find most options pushing $200, with some silk gowns surpassing $1,000! Here are the most promising kaftans I found for summer 2015:

Summer kaftan dresses for 2015

  1. Lizzy Boat Neck Kaftan by Johanne Beck | sold by Revolve | $142
  2. Jennifer Lopez Embellished Caftan Dress | sold by Kohls | $53
  3. Women’s Kaftan Kimono | by Silly Yogi | $17!
  4. Together Kaftan | by Simply Be | $45
  5. Hale Bob Caftan | sold by 6PM | $153
  6. Robyn Caftan Maxi Dress by Riller & Fount | sold by Shopbop | $198


6 thoughts on “Summer Kaftan Dresses”

  1. These are lovely! And I since I was a teen in the 60’s and your age in the 70’s, I had several of these. I sewed all mine, fining just the right fabric: look and feel. They are very very easy to sew, good for beginners if you aren’t experienced. I can’t remember you mentioning that you did, but this would be the ideal first project. A few seams, a neck area, and hem.

    1. I have thought about sewing my own. While I like the options I found, I don’t LOVE any for the price. The ones I really like were way too much money to spend on something like this. I’ve only got beginner sewing skills, but it might be worth a shot.

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