Visiting Budapest

Oh hello there! Sorry for the lack of posts recently; I’ve been off adventuring.

I recently returned from a vacation with George to Budapest and Vienna. We spent about 5 days in each place, and today I’ll share some stories and my favorite spots from Budapest.

Visting Budapest: Photos, recap, and favorite spots

Overall impressions
Budapest is a really neat city. It definitely has the old, European look, with stone front facades and historic buildings everywhere. Almost everyone we met was very kind and polite. Most Hungarian people we encountered in the city spoke at least basic English, which is great, considering how difficult Hungarian is to learn.

Overlooking Budapest and the Chain Bridge

Hungary has a bit of a tumultuous past, and has only been self-ruled for a short time. So, in a way, Hungary still shows signs of their troubled past: they’re not on the Euro, and their economy is not as strong as some European neighbors. However, the city of Budapest seemed to be really bustling and thriving. There is enough culture to keep you busy, and everything is priced well when coming from the US dollar or Euro. I’d whole-heartedly recommend a visit.

Favorite Food: Gelarto Rosa
I should probably have tried some vegetarian goulash or something, but my favorite food in Budapest was at Gelarto Rosa. Their gelato is super delicious, so it’s really just a bonus that they shape it into neat flower petals. It’s a work of art and an awesome afternoon pick-me-up in one. You just need to visit my Instagram for an example of their food artwork.

A runner up would be Hummus Bar, which had the absolute best falafel, and was a super cheap and fast dinner one night.

Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest

Favorite tourist attraction
My favorite day in Budapest was definitely when we went up to the Castle District. We visited the Fisherman’s Bastion, which makes you feel like you’re inside a princess castle. We paid to have access to a special overlook portion, and it was total worth it. It’s both peaceful and romantic to stroll through the stone towers and look over to the Pest side of the city.

Fishermans Bastion aka Halaszbastya in Budapest

At Fisherman's Bastion overlooking Pest side of Budapest

From there, we also visited Matthias Church, had a lovely fancy lunch at a Michelin-rated place, and strolled through Buda Castle and its Hungarian art collection. It was a lovely day.

St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Most random moment
One of the funniest stories of the trip is how I met up with a high school friend one night outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica. She had posted on Facebook about visiting Vienna and Budapest, and it just so happened that our trip dates overlapped slightly. Since she lives in Florida and I don’t often get a chance to see her, we made plans and met up for an organ concert and dinner. It’s funny to see an old friend while travelling Europe!

Here are some more photos:

Hanging out in Budapest

Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

George overlooking Pest side of Budapest

By the tram in Budapest

Overlooking Budapest-- Travel recaps

Fishermans Bastion and peeking through to Parliament


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