Easter Containers That Aren’t Baskets

Easter containers ideas that go beyond the woven basket

You may have noticed that I love celebrating holidays. But what I don’t love is spending a bunch of money on things that only have a very limited use. So while I’m all about giving Easter treats out, I don’t see the need to buy an Easter basket when I have containers around the house that will work just as well. Here are five suggestions for Easter “baskets” that don’t involve the basket.

A berry crate as a small Easter basket

Berry Crate
I can’t be the only one who hoards berry baskets. I always imagine that I’ll be able to do something really cool with these little green cardboard boxes. It turns out today is that day, because berry crates make great vessels to celebrate spring and deliver some sweets.

Metal bucket as an Easter basket

Metal Bucket
I happen to have various buckets and wooden boxes left over from my wedding décor. A little galvanized bucket makes a great Easter basket. All you need to do is throw in some Easter grass, candy, and call it a day. And the great part is that the bucket can be used over and over again after Easter.

Egg carton as an Easter basket -- perfect for little plastic Easter eggs

Egg Carton
Stick with the Easter egg theme by gifting your treats inside an egg carton. I was lucky enough to have a plain paper version lying around, but you could always paint or washi tape over any unfortunate packaging. I think the carton display works especially well if you put your candy inside plastic Easter eggs. That way you really are gifting a dozen eggs- even if they’re plastic and filled with sweets!

Woven paper berry container as an Easter basket

Woven Paper Basket
Okay, so technically this is a basket, although it’s not your typical woven reed Easter basket. I made this little guy out of woven paper repurposed from a brown paper shopping bag. Over on Lia Griffith’s blog she has a nice tutorial on how to make your own paper fruit basket. Where she used hot glue, I just dapped a bit of Modge Podge. It takes a little more time than some of my other ideas, but it’s a really cute option.

And to end, I’ll reuse an idea from last year…

DIY bunny gift bag as an Easter Basket

Gift Bag
If you don’t feel like arranging a beautiful display of treats, a gift bag might be the best option for you. I especially like transforming a white bag into a happy little bunny. It’s too cute, and really easy to do.

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