Still Chugging Along & Preparing to Move

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. Our house drama was coming to a major head, along with a bunch of other personal stuff.

Normally I’m a risk-averse person who likes to have everything planned in advance, so this year has been pretty trying for me in that regard. Originally we were supposed to close on the new house on January 15th, but it’s now February 25th and we don’t even have a closing date scheduled! My fingers and toes are crossed that our current plan will work (let’s call it plan C), but we have a back up to that in case our bank continues to give us a hard time.

Right now, we’re preparing to move, so our apartment is driving me insane. Here’s some photo evidence of the horror:

Messy Apartment when preparing for a move

I sort of feel like we’re on Hoarders, with the narrow passageways through our living areas.

For a while we weren’t sure where we would be living, so we thought we would need to put everything into storage for a month or two. Our current apartment had been rented, since we thought we’d be all set by now, so we need to be out by this weekend. Talk about stressful! Now it’s looking like we’ll move into the new home before we take official ownership. It will certainly be a weird feeling. On one hand, I’m relieved that we won’t have to move twice and we can start to get settled. On the other, I’m nervous about getting too cozy, since we won’t technically be the homeowners. Once again, keep those fingers crossed.

Since practically all of my crafting and cooking stuff is boxed up, I’ll be light on posting for at least another week or two. And don’t worry; when we finally own the house, I’m going to bombard you with new home photos.

6 thoughts on “Still Chugging Along & Preparing to Move”

  1. I feel so badly for you guys! Please let me know if you need a place to stay. I have room for company. You are always more than welcome! My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys as well! I hope when this finally happens for you guys that it will be more than worth the effort on your parts. If I can be of ANY assistance (money or otherwise) PLEASE let me know!

    What Bank are you dealing with?

    1. Thanks, Jen. We luckily have a place to move now, but it was a little hairy for a while.
      Right now we’re dealing with TrustCo. We were working with CapCOM, but had some issues with the appraisal. We can tell you more next time we talk. Thanks for the offer of help!

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