Valentine’s Day Gift of Time Together

You would think that having a blog would make me prepare for holidays in advance, but apparently that isn’t the case. I just finished George’s Valentine’s Day present, and I figured I would share it with you, in case you need a last minute idea.

The gift of date nights out -- a DIY Valentine's Day book that gives the gift of time

Since we’re just past Christmas, and George has a birthday coming up, I shied away from buying another physical item. We have too much stuff already, and I really just want to spend more time together doing fun things. We love to go out to eat, but it can become expensive very quickly (which is not so great for our budget!). I decided that for this Valentine’s Day I would give the gift of time together in the form of date nights out at restaurants.

I thought of a few different places that we like to visit for dinner locally, and purchased gift certificates. I had lofty plans of doing a whole year’s worth of evenings out, but I eventually settled on four restaurants. I kept things simple and just purchased gift certificates for a full dinner out, but you could also do things like museum passes, certificates for ice cream, or just “coupons” for other free activities.

I obviously didn’t want to just hand over four loose gift certificates, so I needed to think of a cool presentation. I used four envelopes and some pink cardstock to make a little booklet.

The gift of time together -- restaurant gift certificates

First, I printed on the outside of each envelope. I gave enough information to know what to expect from the restaurant, but I didn’t give away the name. So I listed where the spot was located, what evenings it was open, and the level of dressiness. Even though George might be able to figure out some of the restaurants with just those details, I liked preserving some of the mystery until we decide to go out. I stuffed each envelope with the gift certificate, and also included a little bit of cash to cover the tip for the evening. I really wanted it to be a “free” night out!

Pieces for making an accordion bound book

I then cut a strip of paper a little bit shorter than the height of the envelopes and folded it into an accordion. This will be the binding for our book. I also cut two pieces of cardstock that were slightly larger than the envelopes to serve as a front and back cover.

Valentine's Day book made of envelopes

To assemble, I used rubber cement in the fold of the accordion to glue in my envelopes. I was careful to make sure that you could still open the top of the envelope even when it was glued down. I repeated this process until all the envelopes were in place, and set it aside to dry.

Covers of DIY paper Valentine's Day book

I then decorated my front and back covers, before gluing them in place on the top and bottom of my accordion binding.

DIY book made out of envelopes

Once everything was dry, I admired my book and then tied to with a ribbon to keep everything in place.

Wrapped up Valentine's Day book -- the gift of time together

I think this is the perfect gift for a husband or boyfriend who has everything. And the bonus is that you get to enjoy the evenings out as well—as long as your lover takes you on the dates!

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