[Eye] Glasses Valentine

DIY eye glasses Valentine -- You are spectacular

I love Valentine’s Day for the totally dorky, but amazing puns that you’re able to make. Silly word plays are perfect for sweet Valentine’s messages, which is why I was psyched to make a glasses-themed Valentine this year.

Wooden glasses pieces from Michaels Crafts

I have these really neat wooden pieces in the shape of nerd glasses that I bought almost a year ago and still haven’t used (whoops). I decided to use the 3D glasses shape in a card.

Materials for DIY Valentine card

I kept things very simple and just used two types of cardstock, and painted my glasses black. The usual tools of a ruler, x-acto knife, self-healing mat, and glue were also utilized.

First, I decided on a square card shape and designed some text for the outside message using Photoshop. I went with “You are spectacular” – get it? Spectacles? Spectacular!

There are lots of other glasses and eyesight related puns you could use on your Valentine’s card:

  • Can you see how much I love you?
  • I only have eyes for you
  • You’re a star in my eyes
  • I’ve had my eye on you
  • I can’t take my eyes off you
  • In my eye, you’re one of a kind

After I printed out my design and cut down my card, I just make a square out of red cardstock to serve as a border. I traced lines even from each edge on the back of the paper and then carefully cut around the shape with my x-acto knife.

I assembled the card pieces together with glue stick on for the paper, and clear craft glue for the glasses piece.

You are Spectacular -- DIY Valentine card

I think this looks just darling, and I’m so glad to finally use those glasses for a project. Now I just have to keep going with all of those phrases to use up the pack.

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