My Creative Month: January 2015

Every month there are many small projects and events in my life that don’t make it on to the blog. My Creative Month shares some interesting tutorials I’ve tried, as well as a little peek into my life.

My creative month: January 2015

Oh January, what can I say about you? You started out as such a wonderful time. After all, I began my year on an amazing cruise with my family. But then, house drama, winter weather, and some other personal challenges were such a damn bummer.

Even though January was a really tough month for me, I managed to squeeze in a couple small adventures and projects I’d like to share.

Framing my pressed wedding flowers

Pressed flowers from a wedding bouquet
After our wedding, I got a little neurotic about saving any mementos that I might want. Right before the honeymoon, I stashed some flowers from my bouquet under plain newsprint and a pile of books. It turns out that I had wonderfully pressed some of my bouquet petals.

Framed pressed flowers -- in a double glass floating frame

It took me months to figure out how to display them. I ultimately decided to showcase my wedding flowers in a double-paned glass frame, and found a really cool one by Umbra. When framing, I added tiny dabs of clear craft glue to the backs of my petals to keep them in place. I think it looks great!

Getting us out and about this winter
I always find it hard to get out of the house and keep active in the winter. I’m lucky because I have a freelance writing gig that pays me to occasionally investigate new attractions. Through writing assignments George and I visited the Hyde museum in Glens Falls, and a trampoline park this month.

George at Sky Zone trampoline park

Both were really great ways to get out of the house. Otherwise, I would have just hung out on the couch and watched Netflix.

Double Ukuleles
Okay, so this isn’t so much of a project, but I have to share a coincidence that happened last week.

Ukulele as a birthday gift -- bought from Craigslist

George’s birthday is coming up and I had the best idea for a present: a ukulele. He’s expressed interest in learning, but we hadn’t talked about it in a while or purchased one. The day after I ordered his ukulele birthday present, George got up early to pick up a surprise Craigslist buy. It turns out he had just bought a ukulele. On the same day I did. Oh my goodness! For a few days I was totally stumped for a new birthday gift idea, but I’ve finally figured something out.

House drama
And, in case you’re wondering, the house drama continues. We’re trying really hard to make this particular house sale work for us. Hopefully we have good news in a couple days that will make things easier!

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