I Love You Every Day Book

Today’s project was actually something that I made a couple years ago, but I think I was afraid to share it because it is super-lovey, bordering on the creepy territory. Regardless, it’s a great handmade gift for Valentine’s Day, and I’ll stand by my work.

I love you every day -- A DIY book

This DIY book is a simple, but impactful, way to show that your love is there every single day.

Basically, I just wrote out “I love you” for every single day of the year.

Love book -- DIY project for your boyfriend or husband

Since there are 12 months, I used 3 sheets of paper, folded in half. My inside pages were plain paper, and measured 5.5” x 8.5”, making the book 5.5” tall and 4.25” wide, when folded shut. I used a cardstock weight paper for the outside cover of my book and poked two holes in the fold of the binding. I used embroidery floss to loop through the spine a couple times and then tied it off. It was that easy to make a basic folded and bound book.

I love you book for every day of the year

Starting at “I love you on January 1st” and going all the way through “I love you on December 31st,” I handwrote out every day of the year, dividing the pages by month. I just freehanded everything, but you could always used lined paper or a ruler as a guide.

I love you - DIY Valentine's Day gift

This is a super simple idea, but I think the meaning is really impressive. Sometimes after a fight, this book gets pulled out so we can remember how we really feel about each other.

I love you every day - a DIY handbound book

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