Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Port Days

Eastern Caribbean Cruise -- Recap of Port Days on Celebrity Equinox

Hi gang! I just got back from an awesome 10-night cruise in the Eastern Caribbean. It was a super generous gift from my parents, and my whole family was there. I wanted to share some of my photos, along with notes about what we did on each port day. Later next week I’ll spill on what it was like on board the boat, the Celebrity Equinox. I haven’t been on a cruise in many years, and I believe it was my first time at all of these stops!

St Thomas
Our first stop was St. Thomas, and I ventured off with my parents and older brother to see Coral World. It’s an aquarium with other non-aquatic animals, like lorikeets that you can feed. My little niece loved all of the animals, and it we all had a particularly good time with the birds and in an underwater viewing room where you can see all the tropical fish in the wild. Later we went next door to Coki Beach, which was a bit busy, but a very nice place to swim and snorkel for a little while.

Enjoying Coral World on St. Thomas

George in St. Thomas USVI

Lorikeet on head at Coral World

Posing with a Lorikeet at Coral World in St. Thomas

Lokikeet at Coral World St Thomas

Swimming together on Coki Beach St. Thomas

St. Kitts
Our St. Kitts day was the shortest stop we had, and I certainly was left wanting more. All of us did an organized tour where we visited Clay Villa Plantation, Caribelle Batik, and Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. Our driver and guide was very knowledgeable and kind, so it made for a wonderful day. My favorite part of the day was exploring the giant fort up on a hill, since it offered spectacular views and had so many interesting details. I think out of all of our destinations, I’d love to return to St. Kitts for a longer stay.

Caribelle Batik on St. Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress on St. Kitts

Top of Brimstone Hill Fortress on St. Kitts

Cannon on Brimstron Hill Fortress St. Kitts

Group photo on St. Kitts

George and I had originally planned to go surfing on Barbados, but our plans fell apart when we were trying to get a taxi and couldn’t get reliable information on where a good surf spot was. Ultimately, we joined my family at Carlisle Bay for a bit of swimming. I think this was one of the nicest beaches, and it was large enough to not be crowded at all. Some of my family went snorkeling at a shipwreck and saw sea turtles! Later George and I went to town for lunch and tried another local beer: Banks.

Barbados Cruise Post with Celebrity Equinox

Port of Barbado life ring

Swimming together in Barbados at Carlisle Bay

Brinking Banks Beer in Barbados

Dominica was the least developed out of all of our destinations on this trip, which was a real treat. Usually our cruise boat docked in a terminal with a couple other boats, but we were alone in Dominica. We went on a ship-arranged tour of a tropical forest and also visited Mero Beach. Between the rainforest and the lazy beach time, it was a wonderfully peaceful day. On the beach was a straggly looking guy, shirtless of course, who played guitar and sang. It was an awesome atmosphere. My oldest brother even wants to return to do this wicked hike around the entire island.

Dominica Rain Forest Hike on Port Day

Waterfall in Dominica Rainforest | Emerald Pool

Dominica Forest hike

Mero Beach on Dominica

St. Maarten/St. Martin
Our last stop was St. Maarten, where five other boats were also docked in a massive terminal. My brother had arranged bike rental for most of us, but it turned out to be a bad idea for me. The roads are narrow, with no shoulder or bike lane, and the island is very hilly. I gave up after about an hour, facing a giant hill ahead. Our return trip wasn’t much better, and it down poured like crazy, with me riding through a pedestrian street. After changing, George and I managed to fit in another activity, touring around the French side of the island in Marigot. I was happy to get crepes and slowly walk, especially after an active morning.

Architecture in St. Martin

Harbor in St. Martin, Marigot

Marigot, St. Martin Church

Even with all of those fun adventures, we still managed to enjoy four other days on the boat during sea days. I’ll share my thoughts on cruising next week.

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    1. Thanks! We left from Fort Lauderdale, FL. It seemed like a pretty busy port to leave from. The NYC cruises would be a nice was for people in the Northeast to cut out the airfare, but I’ve only ever left for a cruise from Florida or California. Even with us leaving from Florida, we still had two port days on either end of the cruise.

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