My Christmas Wish List

This is such a weird time of year for purchases. I spend so much time focusing on saving money and selecting perfect gifts for all my loved ones, I don’t even think about my own wish list. But after you get me thinking about my dream presents, oh, I could go on for days.

Here are a few things I asked for this year, along with other goodies I’d love to get. You know, just in case you were wondering 😉

My 2014 Holiday Wish List

  1. Fujifilm Instant Camera – What’s more fun than instant film?
  2. 85mm Camera lens – As I use my camera more and more, I’d love to start experimenting with some more lenses. Right now I just use the kit one!
  3. Stainless steel water bottle by Swell – I’m all about drinking tap water on the go, but I’d love to have my own bottle. For now I just use George’s, but it can’t always hold enough water for both of us.
  4. Beanie by Free People – Right now I don’t have any winter hats that I actually like. I’m hoping to get a slouchy beanie for those cold winter days.
  5. Passport cover by Kate Spade – Since we hop on so many adventures, I’d love to travel in style with this passport cover by Kate Spade. It says “happily ever after” on it, and is the perfect pink hue!
  6. Burberry Trench – Obviously I don’t expect to be gifted a $1,000+ jacket, but I consider this a dream item to have in my closet some day. We’ll see!
  7. Compact photo printer – I’ve been wanting to get back in scrapbooking and journaling. Right now most of my photos stay stored on my phone or computer, never to see the physical world. I’d love to have a little printer that can quickly spit out images that work for my personal use.
  8. Suede Wedges by Sperry – I’ve been eyeing these shoes all season, but there’s no real reason that I *need* them. But don’t those kinds of things make the best presents?

Now that I’m mostly done with my Christmas shopping, I can’t help but wonder what’s under the tree for me. I know gifts aren’t the primary focus of the holiday, but I just can’t help but be excited to give presents and receive a few treats!

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