Pinspiration and our Wedding

This post is part of Wedding Wednesdays, where I am sharing details on our June 2014 nuptials. If you’re looking for a general recap, check out this post.

I need to confess something to you. When Pinterest first started, I thought it was pointless and I refused to join. I figured I didn’t want another online account, and my tangle of browser bookmarks was working just fine.

Obviously, I eventually broke down and created an account, and now I love it. I used it a ton when planning our wedding, and it was really great to be able to easily share pictures with George. It’s been fun for me to revisit our wedding pin board and see how inspiration images were transformed and customized in our own wedding. Here are some of my favorite examples.

Oh, and while I found most of my inspiration on Pinterest, the ideas obviously came from elsewhere. I’ve linked to the original sources of content below.

Rug as an aisle runner for wedding -- with buckets of flowers flanking the seats

Ceremony Site
Since our ceremony sit was outdoors, we wanted to add a little something to jazz up the space. This pin from Italian rug maker Zarineh inspired us to not only use a rug, but also add buckets of flowers along the ceremony walkway.


Monogrammed letters as wedding cake topper

Cake Toppers
I carried initials and letters as a vague theme throughout various wedding elements. Originally I was going to use monograms more, but I eventually moved on. The idea of having our initials as a cake topper stuck with me, and this photo served as inspiration. A funny little anecdote is that I pinned this image without realizing that it was taken by a photographer friend of mine, Heidi Benjamin—so weird! I created my own topper by drilling small holes in custom letters. I glued in toothpicks and stained everything to match other wedding items.


Picture of white wedding cake with paper fans behind

White paper fans are wall decoration at a wedding

Paper Fans as Decoration
After we decided on our barn wedding, I was always on the lookout for inexpensive décor that I could use to cover up some undesirable spots on the walls. This photo from a Ruffled blog post was focused on the cake, but I was more interested in the decorations behind it. I recreated a very similar wall of white paper fans behind our escort card table.


Ampersand on chairs, tied between the bride and the groom at their wedding

Ampersand between chairs
I can’t tell you how much I love this idea for the bride and groom’s chairs. The idea came from a gallery on Style Me Pretty, but I stained our own ampersand to match all the other wooden wedding items.


Mini clothes pins to attach place cards onto a glass-- could be used on water, wine, or beer glass

Mini Clothes Pinned Place Cards
Since we had rectangular tables that all connected, I faced a strange seating problem. Instead of letting everyone fend for themselves, we decided to assign everyone their specific seat. To keep things simple, we used mini clothes pins on our custom pint glasses to attach the seating assignment. I personally hand stained each pin, and felt a little nutty for doing it. But it’s all about the details, right? The idea is from a Style Me Pretty gallery.


Using apples as place cards for a wedding

Pinning into apples to use as place cards to assign seats at a wedding

Apple Place Cards
We were married at an apple orchard, so it only makes sense that we would incorporate the fruit somewhere in the wedding. Using apples as a base for place cards, just like this photo from Style Me Pretty, was a perfect nod to our surroundings.


Gold chevron table runner paper for wedding decor

Gold Chevron Table Runners
Gold was really the only true color introduced to the wedding, beyond the natural wood stain and white. I wanted to jazz up our tables, similar to this styling from Adore Home Magazine. I got my table paper from Paper Source, and ran one long piece down four rectangular tables.

Honestly, there were dozens of more ideas that I found online to make my own. These were just my favorites.

All of the photos from my wedding are courtesy of YTK Photography.

8 thoughts on “Pinspiration and our Wedding”

    1. Hi! We did all of the setup ourselves, with a lot of help from our families.

      For the paper fans, we went through quite a lot of methods to hang them. The thing that worked best for us was a staple gun. We were fortunate with our venue (a barn) that they didn’t care if we added more holes in the wall.
      We also tried hanging from the attached strings, which worked well, but doesn’t work for the top layer. Putting adhesive squares/tape on the back didn’t work too well for us because the fans kept springing off the wall. If you have to be careful about holes in the wall, I might suggest you attach the fans to each other, or to some sort of backing (like foam board) and then put that against the wall.

  1. How did you do your custom pint glasses? Are they vinyl stickers? Did you get a logo created? How did you get the stickers?

    1. Hiya,
      When we decided to do pint glasses, I contemplated all different ways of customizing them (including stickers and paint). Ultimately we just ordered the glasses through a company I found, Grandstand ( They were around $1.55 each, when we ordered something like 75. I designed the logo myself and used it all through the wedding, although I believe Grandstand will help with design, if needed. You could also just get something made by someone on Etsy or similar.
      Good luck!

  2. Would you be willing to sell that logo? I’m sure I could figure it out myself in Photoshop, but I’m looking to surprise my friend with custom pint glasses and there’s would be L+C, minor change for you. What’ya say?

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