Wedding Embroidery: for suits and bouquets

This post is part of Wedding Wednesdays, where I am sharing details on our June 2014 nuptials. If you’re looking for a general recap, check out this post.

Wedding embroidery projects for your wedding - DIY bouquet and suit embroidery

The wealth of wedding inspiration online made me a little nuts over DIY projects for my wedding. I was inspired to make two different embroideries for the big day. One was for George’s suit and it read “I got married in this suit” and had the wedding date. The other was an embroidered ribbon wrap for my bridal bouquet.

These embroidery projects were actually pretty simple, and I used my inkjet printer to help out with the design. I’d never run fabric through my printer, but it was fairly easy. All you need is a full sheet of adhesive label paper. You stick down your fabric to the adhesive sheet, which provides a firm backing to help move your fabric through the printer.

Printing onto fabric or ribbon with an inkjet printer and a full sheet label

My ribbon was not as large as a full sheet, so I blocked off the edges with paper and put my piece of ribbon down the middle. I printed our wedding logo to the appropriate size, assisting the paper as it moved through the printer. I ended up with a pretty clear design.

Printing onto ribbon with an inkjet printer

I used this printout as a guideline for my embroidery, using pink embroidery floss.

DIY hand embroidery onto ribbon for a wedding bouquet

After I was done stitching, I just soaked my ribbon in water and OxyClean. That cleaned off all of the printer ink, so you couldn’t see any shadows or design underneath my thread.

Embroidered bouquet wrap for the bridal bouquet -- wedding diy

Wedding Bridal Bouquet with an embroidered ribbon

This custom ribbon wrap was a nice way to bring in our wedding logo and add a touch of detail to my bouquet.

I got married in thei suit -- wedding day embroidery

I used a similar technique for the groom’s suit embroidery. It was going to be too hard to embroider even letters directly onto the suit, so I used a small swatch of linen. I printed my design directly onto the fabric with my printer and then stitched on top. When I was done and I cleaned off all the ink, I used a fusing backing to attach the design to the inside breast of the suit jacket. I also added a couple stitches to make sure it would stay in place.

Wedding suit custom DIY embroidery: "I got married in this suit"

I’m really happy with how these two projects came out. They weren’t too difficult, but they added a fun touch of personalization to our wedding. I especially love that George’s new suit is forever memorialized as what he wore to be married in. It will bring about such wonderful memories at the next event he wears it for.

All of the wedding day photos are courtesy of YTK Photography.

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