Mini Piñata Garland

I know that it’s September and I should probably start doing some fall projects, but I’m just not ready. I want to still wear shorts, eat ice cream, and go swimming. It’s technically still summer for another week or two, anyways.

Mini Piñata Garland -- a diy project on The Thrifty Ginger

With sunshine on my mind, I created today’s mini piñata garland. Bright colors and fun designs are always in season.

Cutting out donkey and diamond shapes for a pinata

I started out with my shapes. I used the classic donkey piñata shape and found a nice outline online. I also created a diamond shape, but later ditched that design. After sizing the shape down, I printed it out and got tracing. I used thin cardboard, like that found in cereal boxes, for the shapes. I traced my outline onto the cardboard and cut out all of my pieces.

Making your own mini pinata with cardboard

After I had two cardboard cutouts for each shape, it was time to make them 3-dimensional. To do this, I cut one-inch wide strips of the thin cardboard. That’s how thick each shape was going to be. I taped the cardboard strips to the shape cutouts with masking tape. I found that it was easiest when I started to bend the spacer prior to beginning to tape.

Small pinata donkey shapes

Making a DIY pinata with tissue paper

Once all of my shapes were assembled and 3-dimensional, it was time to decorate! I used four different colors of tissue paper: pink, purple, yellow, and lime green. Before I added detail, I went around the outside edge with tissue paper to help with coverage.

While that was drying, I fringed strips of tissue paper. If you have fringe scissors, rejoice. But if you don’t (like me), you’ll get to patiently create your texture.

I added lines of fringed tissue paper along the piñata donkey shapes, starting at the bottom, using regular school glue. It wasn’t difficult, and the layered fringe design is relatively forgiving. You’ll just have to deal with the tackiness that comes with being covered in glue.

Little mini donkey pinatas

Once these little piñata guys are dry, you should first admire how cute they are. You could leave them as-is, or add them to a festive garland.

Straight pin pushed in as a hanging device

I chose to add them to garland, so I used a straight pin to jab into each little piñata. Miraculously, the pin stayed very well and I just tied my string to that. This was helpful for getting each piñata to stay in place along the string. I also added little ties of tissue paper for decoration.

Pinata garland -- perfect for cinco de mayo or a sunny day

These little piñatas are absolutely adorable. I think they’re be great for Cinco de Mayo, but they’re equally wonderful for everyday. If you’re like me, you just want them around to remind you of warm, sunny days.

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