Mini Birthday Surprise Box

Mini Birthday Surprise Box - an inexpensive DIY gift

Since I now live hours away from where I grew up and from where I went to college, I have friends all over the US. It can be really hard to keep close with everyone, especially since I hate talking on the phone. The easiest way for me to show that I’m thinking of someone is to send mail. I absolutely love sending small care packages to my best buds, and birthdays are an extra special occasion to celebrate. Today I’m sharing a mini package that’s perfect to mail to friends and family that you can’t celebrate with because of distance. The best part is that I only spent money on one item (the candy) to fill the box!

Materials for Happy Birthday surprise box

The first thing you’ll need to do is find the container you’ll be using, since this will dictate the size of the box contents. I went with a small white box that a jewelry purchase came in. First, I decorated the outside of the box with “Happy Birthday!” sticker letters.

Making mini yay banner with gold sicker paper

Next, I created a tiny “yay” pennant that could also be used as a cupcake decoration. I used a roll of gold paper with adhesive that I had on hand and cut out my letters before sticking them onto black construction paper. Then I cut out my flag shape and hot glued a toothpick onto the back. It’s a super cute little celebration flag.

Painting over miniature buttons

I also wanted to make festive buttons to include. I had some mini smiley face buttons around that I was unlikely to use. I painted over them with black glass paint to cover the previous design. The glass paint sticks a lot better and provided better coverage than regular craft paint. Once the paint dried, I applied stickers to the top. On one I used a hole punch on my sticky gold paper to create polka dots. On another I stuck down a white star sticker.

Cheap and tiny happy birthday package contents

I also gathered up some other birthday items that happened to be small. So in all, the box includes:

  • Miniature Yay flag
  • Two decorative buttons
  • A single birthday candle
  • A white balloon
  • Godiva chocolates

It’s up to you to include whatever you think your buddy would like. Other items I thought about using were confetti, a small party hat, a birthday boy/girl rosette, lip gloss, or a nail polish.

Small happy birthday package to mail to friends

I plan on sending this in a padded mailer to my friend for her birthday. Since it’s so small and light it will only cost a couple dollars to mail, and I’m sure it will make her day.

3 thoughts on “Mini Birthday Surprise Box”

  1. This is a great idea and the box is charming! I’m not one to talk on the phone either (many people don’t understand this LOL) but sending a gift is a great way to let your friends know you keep them in your heart and memories.

    Thanks for sharing this idea!

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