Souvenirs from Italy

Souvenirs from Italy - What I brought back from my honeymoon

I’m always very conflicted about the decision to buy or not buy souvenirs on trips. When I was younger I would get in a fervor to buy mementos, and they always ended up being meaningless later because they were low quality and not useful. We also do enough traveling now that I can’t afford to purchase and store goodies from each little weekend get-away. But when we were in Italy for two weeks on our honeymoon, I certainly wanted to bring back one or two things (in addition to photos and memories) to remind me of the trip. Here’s what I have to remember Italy:

Wine and olive oil from the Tuscany region of Italy

Wine and olive oil
I feel like wine is a mandatory purchase when visiting Italy. If we had just done normal wine drinking on our vacation, I think I would have been fine leaving the vino overseas. But we had a very memorable day trying to wine tour, so I really wanted to take a few of those memories home with us. We also brought this amazing bottle of olive oil that tastes so good on bread and crackers and pretty much anything at all.

Venice print of gondolas and St. Mark's

Venice print
I was so taken by the beauty of Venice that I was drawn into a small shop when I saw these amazing prints in the window. What started out as just poking around lead to me seriously interested in the pieces, flipping through all color iterations of Venetian scenes. Did I want blue or teal?
I enjoy that a print allowed me to get an almost one-of-a-kind piece at a price I could afford. Now I just need to frame it and hang it somewhere…

Florence gold earrings with historic Firenze coin design

Gold Earrings
As I mentioned, Florence was a whirlwind. But after smooshing my face on dozens of gold jewelry shops, I was convinced I needed to bring home some authentic Firenze gold. I spent a little bit of precious vacation time researching spots that had fair jewelry prices with good designs. The shop we ended up at was on a side street, with beautiful handmade pieces. I settled on these awesome Florence coin earnings that are stamped on both the front and back. I love that they’re plain enough to wear any day, but they’re also a perfect reminder of my trip.

Green Italian scarf from Romme

A Scarf
I’ll be honest. At this point I probably could have stopped buying Italian keepsakes. But I didn’t. We stayed in an area of Rome right by all the designer shops. And while I didn’t blow hundreds of dollars (or more!) on a purse, I was totally craving an Italian scarf to bring home. Hermès was way outside of my price point, but I did manage to find a colorful square scarf to perfectly remember the fashionable Italians in Rome.

Now I just need to finish start the photobook of our Italy trip so I can get the pictures off my computer and onto some paper.

What do you normally bring back from vacations?

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