Saving all those Wedding Memories

Welcome to the second installment of Wedding Wednesdays, where I share all the DIYs and details about our June wedding. Last week I talked about the things you actually should do the week before your wedding. I’m waiting on professional photos, so this week I’ll talk about preserving wedding mementos.

Now that we’re back from our honeymoon and are getting back into the swing of things, it’s time to sort through all our DIY wedding elements, gifts, and little mementos. Both George and I are sentimental, so we’d love to keep so many pieces of our wedding to hold onto the memories and good feelings. But right now our apartment is overrun, so we’ve had no choice but to pare things down.

Saving wedding memories in a storage box - what to keep and what to discard

At my bridal shower, a good friend presented her gift within a finished cardboard box. Her suggestion, which was just perfect, was to use the box to keep our wedding memories in. She even custom stamped our initials on the label! It’s been perfect because now I have a general space guideline for what I can keep and what needs to go.

Saving wedding mementos and memories -- a general guide

Here’s what we’ve included in the box so far (going clockwise from the top left):

  • Our Save the Date
  • The invitation to my bridal shower
  • Team Groom and Team Bride pins that we had at the wedding
  • Our L+G cake toppers
  • Cards from the wedding and other engagement events
  • Instant photos from the wedding photobooth
  • One pair of the sunglasses we gave out at the wedding
  • Our place cards and the mini clothespins that went with them
  • The cards we gave to each other on the day of the wedding
  • A copy of the wedding program

I still need to add a set of our wedding invitations, but I think that’s pretty much it! Since I’m so nostalgic for printed photos, I might also print a few to include, but I’m planning on making a photo book, so that could be redundant.

I’m really looking forward to looking through this box and having a few little things to remind of us our day.

For the larger wedding items, like painted signage and containers, I think we’ll try to sell most of it on Craigslist and wedding websites. It’s sad to see everything go, but it will be nice to have a clean apartment and a little extra cash. We’ll see how much I can part with.

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    1. Hiya,
      I assume you’re talking about the paper fans above the escort cards and the guestbook. We got them from Devra Paper ( They came with a string to hang from, so we used that for some of them and used finishing nails straight through the middle on some others. The combination of two hanging styles helped hide the strings.

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