What you need to do the week before your wedding

Since I kept so much of our wedding planning a surprise, I have lots to share with you now! This summer I’m going to be doing Wedding Wednesdays, where I blog about a different project or element of our wedding each week. This way I can share all our DIY elements and what I’ve learned without completely overtaking The Thrifty Ginger. Since I’m waiting on my professional photos, I figured I’d kick off the series with a post about what you really need to do the week leading up to your wedding—besides getting your nails done.

What you need to do the week before your wedding

The two weeks before our wedding were quite stressful. George and I were at our wits end trying to organize everything, finish projects, and get in touch with all of our vendors. Here are a few things that helped me keep my sanity in the week before the wedding.

Buy healthy, prepared foods in advance
I literally think one of the best things I did before the wedding was take a trip to Trader Joe’s and buy a week’s worth of healthy, prepared foods. I was running around way too much to make meals from scratch, and I certainly didn’t want to eat junk food or takeout. I bought salads, wraps, sides, yogurt, and juice to power me through that last week. All I had to do was grab something from the fridge, chow down, and then rinse out the container afterwards to recycle it. Fast and easy. Sure our groceries were a little more expensive that week, but it was totally worth it.

Make lists
Maybe I love lists a little too much, but they were crucial in getting me through wedding planning. In the last week before the wedding, I made day-by-day lists that outlined what George and I needed to accomplish. Since our event was so DIY-heavy, I also created a packing list to make sure everything made it out of our apartment and to the venue. For decorations I had copied from blogs and Pinterest, I printed out photos of what the completed project was supposed to look like. This was extremely helpful when setting up with our families, since it allowed them to see the final goal.

What to do leading up to your wedding

Trust your prior decisions
Wedding planning will make anyone at least a little crazy. I’m a worrier, so in the weeks leading up the wedding I started to doubt a lot of our plans. One of my specific worries was that we wouldn’t have enough alcohol, and that we should order more beer for the event. Eventually, George convinced me that our previous calculations were probably right. We stuck with the decision we had made months earlier, and it was completely fine. In fact, we had too much beer and tried to drain the kegs at the end of the night.

Yes, ask for help
I had a hard time throughout the whole planning process asking for help. Since we didn’t have a bridal party, there was also no one built in as our worker bees. I got through the planning process thanks to George and a couple of friends who insisted on helping (thank you!). In the end, though, we relied upon our families to do the final setup of the venue. I remember debating over whether or not to ask George’s family to assist. I am so glad we did, because otherwise I don’t know how it would have gotten finished in time. People are happy to help you for your big day, so don’t be too proud to ask.

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  1. I remember putting everything together for my wedding it was a blast! I had my wife help with somethings, but seeing how the final venue would be a surprise she couldn’t do very much. I had all of my groomsmen help me set everything up 5hours before the wedding! it was so much fun! My dad even built a mini patio cover over the cake to block away strong winds that evening. Everything came out perfect! We had lights strung from tree to tree and wrap down the trunks. Flags hanging from string/rope, pictures of my wife and I from our anniversary trip. there was details everywhere. and even our home-made Photo Booth. I was so glad that I had extra help. The entire reception was my wife in aww that I’d put together the wedding of her dreams. I’ll never forget it. She looked at every detail. I’ll never forget that perfect day. ::: Thank’s for the memories! best wishes to George and you, may your future be full of golden memories and many days of joy.

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