Miniature Fake Fried Eggs

Miniature Fake Fried Eggs // a goofy treat that's great for April Fools Day

While I love celebrating holidays of all kinds, April Fools Day often stumps me. I don’t like to play mean or destructive pranks, so I’m left with cute and harmless tricks. Last year I made brown E’s (“brownies”) for George and I was so happy when he fell for it! This year I made miniature fried eggs out of candy, which is just a sweet April Fools treat.

materials for Miniature Fake Fried Eggs

I used white Wilton Candy Melts for the egg white, yellow M&M’s for the yoke, and pretzel sticks to fake bacon pieces.

two ways to melt Wilton Candy Melts-- a comparison with mini fried egg candies

I tried two different methods to melt my candy. First I tried to be lazy and just put one or two pieces of candy melt in the oven on parchment paper. At 350 degrees the candy pieces did soften up enough to push in the M&M’s, but they were brittle and chunky.

The easy way didn’t work, so I melted my white candy pieces in a double boiler and spooned the then-liquid candy into a Ziplock bag. I piped little circles of “egg yoke” and pushed in M&Ms and pretzels. This way looked so much better since the candy was smooth and shiny.

Mini fake fried eggs with bacon

Miniature Fake Fried Eggs -- with a penny for scale

These little candies are so cute! They absolutely look like fried eggs.

Miniature Fake Fried Eggs -- cute fake food for April Fools Day

They’re a great fun treat for April Fools and for any other goofy day.

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