Bunny Gift Bag for Easter

DIY Bunny Gift Bag for Easter -- a great alternative to an Easter basket

I live in a decent sized space, but apartment living can be tight. Since we don’t have much storage space, I try to manage my possessions and fight away any hoarding tendencies. Even though I love to decorate for holidays, I try to keep most of my stuff generic so I can use it for multiple occasions, or cheap/recycled that I don’t mind getting rid of it. I can’t image storing Easter baskets year after year, so I’ve come up with other solutions. Last year I used a Mason jar to present a cute candy surprise. This year I jazzed up a plain gift bag to be Easter ready.

White gift bag for bunny gift bag

I started with a white gift bag I purchased at Target. I’m sure you could get it for less, but I bought mine for just over $1.

Pieces of an easy paper bunny face -- used on Bunny Gift Bag for Easter

I then cut out my bunny features with black and pink cardstock paper. You’ll need:

  • Two eyes — I traced a dime to get my size and shape
  • A pink nose
  • Whiskers
  • Ears – I double layered pink on top of white cardstock
  • Smile – This is optional and I opted not to

Tissue paper rabbit tail for Bunny Gift Bag

It’s also a nice touch to add a bunny tail on the back of the bag. I would have loved to do a yarn poof, but I don’t have any white yarn on hand. Instead, I cut a stack of about 10 sheets of white tissue paper and stitched them together. It works to create a fun element on the back.

I used hot glue to attach all of my pieces since the bag was glossy.

Bunny Rabbit Gift Bag for Easter

Bunny Rabbit Gift Bag for Easter - the back

This bag is so cute! I love it as an Easter basket alternative. Even if I do decide to keep it for next year, it folds flat! That will make it much easier to store.

I can’t wait to stuff it full of candy and goodies for Easter morning.

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