Surprise Message Box for Valentine’s Day

DIY Surprise message box for Valentines Day // Via The Thrifty Ginger

I’ve been completely spinning my wheels on what to gift George for Valentine’s Day this year. I really shouldn’t have given such a great gift last year. My 24 individually created Valentine’s, which were revealed with clues throughout each hour of the day, has set the bar WAY TOO HIGH. Now all I have to fall back on is our cute little phrases, including the “I love you” and “I love you more” debate. Yes, we do this. I always tease new couples about their PDA and infatuation, but really George and I are just as bad. We are a very real couple, but we’re also incredibly affectionate. George pointed this out one day as we were strolling hand-in-hand, sharing bites of a chocolate croissant.

To play off the “I love you more” phrase, I decided to make a surprise message box inspired by this banner from Say Yes.

Stamping heart design on box template

I wanted my message to be easily pulled out of a box or container, so I had to start with that. Luckily, I found a free template maker that allows you to type in dimensions to create an outline of a foldable box. I used the preset size for a card box and printed it out onto red card stock.

Card box template with stamps

To jazz up the design a little bit, I used my carved heart eraser stamp (from a previous project) to create heart patterns throughout. So fun! I cut the box out with both an exacto and scissors. On the top edge I cut a small opening to pull my message through.

Next I needed a long swatch of material to write my secret message on. Luckily, I already had a few spare strips of fabric (leftover from my tree skirt project!). I cut the strip even skinner, about 1.5 inches wide, and used fray check along all of the edges.

Pull handle for secret message in a box

My fabric strip was going to be pulled out of the top cut in the box, but I needed something to keep the leading edge at the top. I cut down a wooden food skewer and hot glued it down to the left edge of my fabric. With a little extra glue, I rolled it down to hide the edge. I made this stick wider than the opening at the top of the box so it would always stay put.

Painting I love you more onto fabric

I decided to paint my message onto the fabric and used regular black acrylic paint to write “I love you way more” along the white fabric– awwww.

Creating secret message for boyfriend or husband on Valentines Day

After it dried, I used hot glue to assemble my box and glue the right edge of my fabric into the bottom of the box. This is so you don’t pull the entire message out when unfurling it.

Surprise box with scret message for valentines day

I love you more Valentines Craft message idea

I am super pleased with how this little secret message card turned out.

Box pull tab for love secret message

I love you way more // a love message on The thrifty Ginger for your hunny

While it’s not quite as exciting as a day full of Valentines, I’m hoping it will settle once and for all who’s the reigning champ of love.

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