Snowmen Candy Bars

DIY Snowmen andy bar wrapper // Via The Thrifty Ginger

There are a lot of people that I would love to get full-fledged Christmas presents for. However, with everyone on my list, it would quickly get out of hand financially, so I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive and cute token gifts for people. Today’s project turns ordinary candy bars into cute snowmen.

XL Hershey's candy bars for holiday gift

I started with an idea and 12 XL Hershey’s candy bars.

Next, I created a basic snowman design using Photoshop with a face and three buttons down the front. I measured my candy bar and created a design to cover the whole front, and wrap around the back. My snowman also has a hat that sticks out.

Snowman wrapper download and printable // Via The Thrifty Ginger

You can download the snowman candy wrapper here. Feel free to use it in your own projects! This version is specifically design for an XL candy bar, but if you have a smaller candy, just scale down the print size until the snowman face fits on the front.

After finalizing my design and testing an example, I printed out my snowmen onto “poster paper” that is slightly thicker than regular copy paper, but not as thick as card stock. It worked out really well for this.

I used an Xacto knife and ruler to cut off edges and get my perfect snowman size. Next, I wrapped each candy bar and taped it.

Felt Scarves for snowman candy bars

To add a little flair, I wanted a 3D element. I used lengths of felt in a few different colors to create miniature scarfs. The felt pieces I used are .75 inches wide and 14 inches long. I cut into the ends to make little scarf tassels. Tying the scarfs onto each snowman really completes this project.

Jazzing up a plain candy bar for Christmastime // Via The Thrifty Ginger

These snowmen candy bars are so cute and it was an easy project to “scale up” and make a lot of at once. I’m giving these fun holiday treats to each of my coworkers, although they would also be great as a party favor, for friends, or for little kids.

Candy bar snowmen design

I love that this design isn’t religious, so it works for everyone this time of year, regardless of what they celebrate. So Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Snowmen Candy Bars”

  1. Where did you purchase the “poster paper”. I cannot find it anywhere. Did you buy it on line or at an office supply store. I have checked on line different stores and could not find it. Thanks for your help.
    Janice Squarini

    1. Hi! I originally got my “poster paper” at an office supply store. But I just tried to quickly search and it didn’t come up. I would just suggest getting a heavy weight plain weight paper. Regular copy paper is often 20lb weight, and full-on cardstock is 110 lb weight. Copy paper wont hold up super well for wrapping the candy bars, and cardstock will be too thick. Something in-between should work well, so maybe try 60lb weight paper.

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