Tissue Paper Wreath

DIY Tissue Paper Wreath

I am in full swing preparing for Christmas. George and I are going to be hosting a holiday party and I want to be sure everything is decorated to maximum holiday cheer before then. This week I finished a quick tissue paper wreath for Christmas.

cardboard wreath shape alternative

This project is based off of the wreath I saw on A Blissful Nest. They used a foam wreath form as a foundation, but I decided to cut mine out of cardboard. Those foam wreaths can be over $8, and it’s just not worth it to me! A large piece of cardboard cut into a circle was sufficient.

paper squares for wreath

I purchased red tissue paper and cut it into 5-inch squares. My cardboard wreath was 16 inches in diameter and I used about 17 sheets of 20” x 20” tissue paper (a package and a half).


I scrunched up the paper and used hot glue to adhere the pieces to my cardboard wreath form. First I did the outside edge, followed by the inside edge. I then filled in until everything was covered and full.


After creating a loop with wire, I hung the finished wreath on our apartment door. After some final fluffing, I was all done.


This project was very inexpensive, and I think it came out great! You could change the colors and create a tissue paper wreath for any other festive occasion.

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  1. I think this is simply beautiful. I am definitely going to try this at home. I am pretty sure I have left over tissue paper from last Christmas season. Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

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